Harp Software, LLC

Harp Software LLC is a professional website design and custom software development company located in Western Massachusetts. We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses with their website and software needs. Whether you run a small home office business, a non-profit organization or a large international corporation, Harp Software LLC can provide the high-quality services that you need and expect.

Custom Software Development
Our philosophy at Harp Software is that computer software should be designed to improve how you work. Many developers will offer software solutions in a one-size-fits-all package or create software how they, the developer, thinks it should work.

At Harp Software, we know every business is unique - so your software needs to be unique as well. We work with you to determine your requirements and develop a solution to meet those needs. We offer suggestions based on years of experience but let you, the client, determine what YOUR software should do and how it will work.

Whether the solution requires a server or Window's based application, a website with custom programming, an app for phones and tablets or any combination of these, Harp Software has the experience to handle all of this - and more. Contact us to see how you can save time and money and improve your business with custom software.


Mobile Apps
There are countless developers of mobile apps in the US and throughout the world. However, there are very few that have many years of actual software development experience. Even fewer with proper database design expertise. And fewer still that have the ability to develop for BOTH Android and Apple products - phones and tablets.

At Harp Software, we have years of formal, professional software development experience; we are experts in designing databases; we utilitize a software development tool that allow us to create app for both Android and Apple products - simultaneously! We do not need to spend twice the effort and twice your budget to develop different software products.

Why do you need a mobile app?

  • Allow customers to easily use their phone to connect to your business and improve their experience
  • Reduce and perhaps even eliminate paperwork for your employees by moving their paperwork to a mobile app

Contact us today to inquire about a mobile app for your business.


Website Design
Websites are an absolute necessity in today's business world. Your customers know how to find you. But what about new customers? Without a website, you will be difficult to find, your services will be unknown and your phone number and address will be invisible.

Our website design team provides web design and development, content management systems and ecommerce websites. Each website we design is unique - just like your company.

We offer website hosting on world-class servers that host only sites developed by Harp Software.

We provide a content management system that allows you to add, change and remove pages from your website - all from any web browser and without any coding or extensive training. Of course, these actions can only be performed by someone you authorize through the built-in high-grade security system.

Contact us if you need a website or have an existing site that needs an upgrade.